Experience of use Goji Cream

Experience of using Julia Goji cream from Kharkov

Hello everyone, I want to share my opinion about this product. Goji cream is an effective anti-wrinkle cream that helps tighten the skin in problem areas.

What happens to the skin?!

Goji cream contains a large amount of collagen and goji berries that fight against skin aging and ensure the disappearance of wrinkles after 14 days of use. The product contains about 20 amino acids and many vitamins of groups C, D and E. Thanks to goji berries, the product penetrates deep into the layers of the skin, which is why the cream achieves maximum effect. It is also pleasant that the cosmetics are subjected to dermatological control before they are put on the market, thanks to which the medicine is completely safe to use. It comes in a nice and, most importantly, convenient packaging that allows you to use the product more economically.

Goji cream packaging

Goji cream helps to slow down the aging process and restore soft tissue to its previous state. After using this product, the skin tightens, wrinkles become less noticeable and age spots disappear. And all this thanks to one, but very important component that is included in the product. And these are goji berries.

They contain 500 times more vitamin C than oranges and 15 times more iron than spinach. This is why most doctors recommend such a drug.

How to use?

When the long-awaited purchase arrived, I immediately decided to test it. The texture of the cream is pleasant and velvety, not too oily and is suitable for all skin types, even oily. To achieve the maximum effect, I applied it to the massage lines in circular motions, which helps the cream to be absorbed faster.

After drying, the skin did not look oily and tired, but on the contrary, and at the same time it was moist, pleasant to the touch and shiny. And so I used the presented product in the morning and in the evening for 2 weeks.

What was my score

Before and after using Goji cream

Wrinkles and age spots started bothering about a year ago. But I couldn’t find a suitable and effective remedy until I came across an ad for an anti-aging Goji cream. After learning all the information, composition and after consulting with my beautician, I decided to order this product. When the product arrived, I immediately decided to test it. The use of the skin improved in the future, but on the 14th day everything became clear. The difference before and after application can be clearly seen in the photo above. The skin tightened, small wrinkles disappeared, and age spots disappeared. I am absolutely thrilled with the result! He had already advised all the girls.